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Microsoft Excel to Pull Data Directly from Nasdaq


Although Microsoft excel meets most of the works that require a spreadsheet program, the software isn’t really useful if you need to pull up-to-date data directly from a different source. One of such examples would be stock markets which require constant monitoring in case you interested in such field. As a result, Microsoft has announced that users will now be able to pull data from Nasdaq and Refinitiv using Excel’s Stocks.

If you stayed updated regarding Excel, then you might recall that Microsoft introduced Stocks earlier last year. The data type uses artificial intelligence to turn a stock ticker into interactive cells.

In order to make the experience smoother, Microsoft has announced its partnership with both Nasdaq and Refinitiv. Moreover, the company promised that this latest feature is just a start of more similar features which should arrive in the coming months.

This latest addition to Excel comes as more web services are providing different tools to improve on existing spreadsheet programs. We’ll have to wait and see what’s the next dynamic data related feature Microsoft decides to add to Excel in the coming months.

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