Home Business & Finance Latest Numbers Show Why Fox Was Wrong to Cancel Lucifer

Latest Numbers Show Why Fox Was Wrong to Cancel Lucifer

Latest Numbers Show Why Fox Was Wrong to Cancel Lucifer

Shortly after Fox announced that Lucifer won’t be returning for season 4, fans of the show protested the network’s decision to cancel the show. Afterwards, Netflix picked up the show and released the season 4 of Lucifer few weeks earlier. Interestingly, while Fox cancelled the show over its low viewership count, the show found itself in the top spot on TV Time‘s rundown of the most binged shows

Although it has been more than five weeks since the show premiered, it has consistently remained in the top spot during this time. In case you aren’t aware, the list contains shows from television networks as well as streaming platforms. Moreover, Lucifer went up against several high-profile shows including Grey’s Anatomy, The Big Bang Theory and most importantly, Game of Thrones was still airing during this time. Despite that, Lucifer managed to keep its place in the top of the list during this time.

As for audience figures, we won’t know how many people actually watched the show as Netflix doesn’t release official figures and ratings for the shows. As TV Time’s list doesn’t account for unique audience, we’ve no way to find out exactly how many people watched Lucifer’s 4th season. However, few days earlier the streaming giant confirmed that the show will be returning for its fifth and final season.

Given that the show was initially cancelled as not many people were watching, the latest news is surprising nevertheless. As the season 4 ended on a cliffhanger, we will have to wait to find out how writers move ahead with the show’s final season. As we now know that the show will be returning for another season, production of the final season of Lucifer is likely to go underway in the coming months. As a result, more details of the show are likely to be revealed during that time.

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