Jim Parsons Talks about Friendships among The Big Bang Theory Cast Members

Jim Parsons Talks about Friendships among The Big Bang Theory Cast Members

After breaking all sorts of records, The Big Bang Theory came to a close earlier last month. During the course of the show, it became apparent that the cast members got extremely closer and now, Jim Parsons has revealed whether or not the cast members will be close friends moving forward.

During a recent interview with ET, the actor revealed that the cast members still talk among themselves on a regular basis. He said, “We’re not talking about anything out of the ordinary yet! We’re still texting about stupid day-to-day stuff, and that’s another thing that will be interesting as time goes by. It’s like anything else in life when you can’t imagine how it’s going to be until you get there.”

Parsons’ comments aren’t particularly surprising considering the series just came to a close few weeks earlier. As cast members are generally in break during this time, they won’t notice changes. However, as Parsons noted, everyone involving the show will feel the difference when the usual period for shooting another season comes in couple of months.

However, it won’t be surprising if the actors remain to be close friends going forward. A lot of shows over the years have seen actors becoming and remaining close friends for a long time. Despite, that it is too early to tell if TBBT actors will remain close friends throughout the years to come as the show ended just recently. It was definitely a surprise when the showrunners announced that the highly successful series would end after season 12 following Parsons’ revelation that he wants to move on to work on other projects. At the time, he claimed that he thinks the show featured all of the possible plots during its run and would like to end his commitment to the show on a high.

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