Home Business & Finance iPhone 11 Might Ditch Lightning Port in Favor of USB-C

iPhone 11 Might Ditch Lightning Port in Favor of USB-C

iPhone 11 Might Ditch Lightning Port in Favor of USB-C

As it’s been a while since Apple released the iOS 13 beta, new details regarding what the company might introduce with iPhone 11 are coming out on a regular basis. If the latest image shared by Raphaël Mouton is anything to go by, then Apple might be ditching lightning port in favor of USB-C with iPhone 11.

Recently, Raphaël Mouton shared an image on Twitter which shows that Apple has change the icon to USB-C instead of older connector. While this makes sense considering Macs only have USB-C ports, a number of users speculated that the company might be switching over to USB-C.

If Apple decides to go with the changes, it wouldn’t be massively surprising. The company is facing pressure from the EU regulators for a while to make the switch over last couple of months. While the company recently filed for a patent for an entirely different kind of port, it won’t be surprising if iPhone comes with a USB-C port instead.

While improved transfer speed is the first thing that comes to mind with USB-C, the port will open up a ton of different features. For instance, users would be able to connect their iPhone to other devices without much issue. As Apple introduced USB-C in iPad Pro, the rumor isn’t far off from the truth. However, we will have to wait to find out more from the company itself. As we are just couple of months away from the official announcement, more details regarding the upcoming smartphone should come out sooner than later. You can check out Mouton’s latest tweet below.

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