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iOS 13 to Allow Native Video Editing

iOS 13 to Allow Native Video Editing

Few years earlier, Apple introduced several changes to its camera app to bring easy editing features to iPhone users. While not the best editing solutions, the tools allowed users to quickly take a picture and edit in case they are in a hurry to send the photo to someone. While the company haven’t included similar kind of tools for video for a long time, it is set to bring similar basic video editing tools when iOS 13 becomes available later this year.

Apple unveiled iOS 13 few days earlier during this year’s WWDCC and since then, users are discovering new tools integrated into the new OS. Interestingly, Apple will introduce a video editing tool along with the camera app with the iOS 13. While it won’t provide the most versatile editing features just like the previously included features in camera app, upcoming addition will be extremely useful in case you don’t have access to your regular video editing device.

As mentioned above, the tools are pretty basic. With the included features, users will be able to edit the length of the video as well as mute audio. Similar to images, you can crop video, add filters and make adjustments to the video’s colors and contrast. Although basic, the tools can help out users who take short videos for social media on a regular basis.

As we still have a long way to go before the full version of iOS 13 becomes available to public, it’ll be interesting to see if Apple makes any changes to the video editing tools in the coming weeks. If it becomes popular, Apple is more than likely to improve the tools in the coming months.

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