Home Business & Finance Intel Will issue Bug Fixes for SSD 320 Drives in Next Two Weeks

Intel Will issue Bug Fixes for SSD 320 Drives in Next Two Weeks

Intel Will issue Bug Fixes for SSD 320 Drives in Next Two Weeks

Few months earlier, a number of consumers of Intel’s SSD 320 reported a bug which would result in loss of power of the component along with data in certain cases.

Moreover, if users rebooted their devices, the BIOS screen would show that the SSD has only 8MB of storage capacity. Recently, Intel has revealed that it has identified the cause of the problem and will release a firmware update inside next two weeks to solve the problem.

This announcement comes as Intel has attracted a lot of criticisms over last few months as users complained about the company’s lack of response to such issues. As for the update, the company stated that the upcoming firmware can be installed without erasing any data. However, users won’t be able to retrieve any lost data.

In an official statement, the company said, “The new firmware update is in final validation testing and is targeted for release on Intel Communities within the next two weeks. Intel takes firmware updates and issues of reliability very seriously and is taking extra steps to support a smooth release.”

As for the slow response to the problem, the chip maker revealed that only a small number of users were affected by the latest bug. The company also asked its users to contact customer support until the update is released in the coming days. Moreover, it requested users not to unplug their SSDs from a powered computer in order to prevent any potential loss of data going forward.

Intel released SSD 320 earlier this year for both PCs and Macs. Despite the problems, the SSD received mostly positive reviews. While the company has faced similar problems in the past, hopefully it will release the update sooner than later.

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