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Intel Unveils Its New Network and Custom Logic Group

Intel Unveils Its New Network and Custom Logic Group

Although Apple has been using Qualcomm’s wireless chips for a long time, both of the companies got involved in a legal dispute few years earlier. During this time, Intel was set to replace Qualcomm for Apple’s iPhone and iPad modems. However, Apple and Qualcomm solved the legal dispute which resulted in Intel leaving its modem business as Apple was considered to be its primary customer. Interestingly, the company has now announced formation of a new business group which will focus on networking and custom logic.

This announcement comes days after reports claimed that Apple is planning on buying Intel’s German modem business in an attempt to produce wireless chips for upcoming iPhones. Interestingly, Intel revealed the latest group will take over 5G technology to move forward.

Intel’s latest decision isn’t particularly surprising considering rumors have it that Apple might not be able to ship 5G capable iPhone models at least until next year. While we will have to wait to find out Intel provides an answer to that, Intel’s Dan McNamara talked about the newly formed group’s possible impact going forward.

He said, “Not just another “G,” or generation, of wireless, 5G will unleash new ways to use computing – not only offering speed and performance, but also low latency and reliability that ensure some of the capabilities that today’s network cannot deliver. For example, with this ultra-reliable low latency (URLL), companies can enable new safe ways to use robotics in factories, even working side by side with humans, and secure machine-to-machine communications. 5G will also greatly enhance the way we enjoy entertainment and media, and will help healthcare providers do their jobs more efficiently, incorporating computing, AI and sensors for better patient monitoring. All of these new applications will benefit from the intersection of communications and computing at the edge.”

In the announcement, Intel revealed that the new group will combine with the Programmable Solutions Group to focus on Network and Custom Logic Group in order to focus on AI and machine learning powered by Intel’s own field-programmable gate array technology.

It’ll be interesting to see how the company move forwards with the latest group as back in April, Intel claimed that there are several companies interested in its modem business shortly after closing down the division. With the latest formation, the company is more than likely to test the water once more.

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