Intel Reportedly Will Cut Down Prices of CPU

Intel Reportedly Will Cut Down Prices of CPU

Although Intel has dominated the processor market for a long time, AMD has gained considerable amount of attention since the company unveiled its Ryzen processors few years earlier. At the time, Intel was forced to reconsider its approach when it comes to consumer market. If benchmarks are anything to go by, then recently announced Ryzen 3000 processors are set to close distance between Intel and AMD processors even more. Interestingly, a report from DigiTimes  has claimed that Intel might cut down its processor prices of eight and ninth generation processors to compete with AMD.

According to the report, several sources close to motherboard manufacturers have verified Intel’s plans to reduce processor price in the coming days. While it will be interesting to see if the company drops the price, the reductions are probably targeted towards OEMs which means general markets might not see the huge fluctuations.

However, if Intel reduces the prices, it won’t come off as a huge surprise. During the announcement, AMD claimed that all of the upcoming processors offer similar performances to their Intel counterparts. Most importantly, while AMD processors’ power consumptions have been well documented in past, the 7nm chips will improve in this area as well. On the other hand, Intel has fallen behind over last couple of years when it comes to adopting new architecture. For instance, although the company showed off its 10nm Ice Lake-U laptop chips, 10nm desktop chips won’t arrive until 2022.

As a result, Intel might be forced to adjust its retail pricings for CPUs. However, we will have to wait few more days to learn more as AMD’s Ryzen 3000 chips will launch on July 7.

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