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iCloud Finally Makes Its Way to Windows Store

iCloud Finally Makes Its Way to Windows Store

While Apple has provided a dedicated iCloud app for Windows for a long time, users were required to download the app from after scouring through multiple pages.  Thankfully, Windows users will now be able to download the app directly from relevant store without any problem.

The latest release of iCloud comes thanks to collaboration between Microsoft and Apple. The new version of iCloud for Windows uses Files On-Demand services which is also used by Microsoft in its One Drive. As a result, users can open and edit files directly from iCloud rather than manually downloading and editing the files. Apart from this, you will now be able to access your files directly through your app. If you switch between PC and Apple’s products regularly to complete different tasks, then the changes will help you significantly to edit across different devices. Above all, if you want to, you can view and edit files of your iCloud folder directly from your File Explorer which should help you with your productivity.

While we will have to wait to see how users respond to the latest app, this change signals that Apple is trying to attract more users to its platforms with easy access. In case you want to use the latest version of iCloud from Windows store, you will need to head to the store, download the application. Afterwards, you can sign into your iCloud account as usual.

If you encounter any issue with installing the application, you can check out the updated Apple support page by going here. However, note that the application has just came out so it might take a while before working perfectly.

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