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Huawei Trademarks New OS Across the World

Huawei Trademarks New OS Across the World

After Huawei’s inclusion in the United States Entity list, several large companies including Google, Microsoft, Qualcomm have cancelled their partnership with the Chinese tech giant. However, the company responded that it has been working on alternatives for a while now in case something like this happened.

While we have got news involving Huawei’s new operating system, Reuters has reported that Huawei has in fact filed for trademark applications in several European countries. According to the report, the upcoming operating system of the company will be called Hongmeng OS.

This latest report comes shortly after Huawei started inviting developers around the world to join its app store, AppGallery in an attempt to create substantial offerings before launching the new operating system. According to the report, the company had filed for trademark of its operating system back in late May, right after US government included the smartphone manufacturer in the Entity list.

While we will have to see how successful Huawei becomes in the coming months, needless to say, the company is experiencing significant drawbacks in its operations. While it denied that there have been any production cuts of smartphones, it confirmed earlier that it’ll stop production of MateBook, company’s laptops which it unveiled last year.

It’ll be interesting to see if Huawei manages to keep up its sales figures in the coming months. Previously, Huawei revealed its plan to become World’s largest smartphone manufacturer by the end of 2019. However, with the latest setbacks, the company will need to reassess those goals going forward.

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