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Huawei Removes Lock Screen Ads

Huawei Removes Lock Screen Ads

Few days earlier, several users turned to Twitter to complain that their Huawei smartphones were showing ads without prior approval. While other users were quick to point out that the ads weren’t showing up on every device, the problem was annoying nevertheless. Interestingly, Huawei claimed that the company didn’t have anything to do with the ads. However, in a recent announcement, the company confirmed that the problem originated from its server and since then has solved the problem that was causing the issue.

The confirmation came via an official statement to TechRadar    in which the company revealed that someone accidentally included the advertisement in Huawei’s servers. Although users won’t be seeing the ads anymore, they are required to remove the ads from their devices.

In order to remove the ads from your smartphone, you will need to perform following steps:

1) When the image appears on the screen, slide up from the bottom edge of the screen, and the operation toolbar appears;

2) Click the “Delete” button and click “Remove” in the confirmation box which pops up.

While it’s just a mistake, the latest incident has just made the things worse for the company which is already under a lot of pressure lately following its inclusion in the U.S. Entity list. While Huawei might not realize the server issue at first, its statements mean it either didn’t check the issue at all or its servers are extremely unreliable in case someone else other than company official inserted the image. Whatever the case maybe, hopefully the company will improve its security going forward.

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