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Huawei Is Considering Sailfish OS for Its Smartphones

Huawei Is Considering Sailfish OS for Its Smartphones

Ever since Google revoked Huawei’s Android license, users have been wondering which operating system the company will turn to next to power its smartphone. Just few days earlier, the company filed for trademark for an operating system for smartphones. While we will have to wait to see if Huawei releases its operating system anytime soon, the company might be moving towards Sailfish OS instead of a completely new OS for several reasons.

Although we will have to wait to find out if the latest rumor is accurate, the move will be highly surprising. Earlier last week, the company started inviting developers to release their apps to its AppGallery store in an attempt to improve the offerings before launching a new operating system. Moreover, Huawei executives have claimed that the company was expecting such scenarios and has been working on operating system for a long time. However, as Sailfish is an already existing operating system, it won’t be surprising if the smartphone manufacturer ends up using the OS instead of its own.

According to a report from GSMarena, the company is looking at creating a modified version of the Sailfish. Few years earlier Huawei’s CEO Guo Ping had previously teased the idea of implementing the operating system instead of Android due to compatibility. However, since then Android has become the most popular operating system among smartphone manufacturers and Huawei backed off from the idea.

In case you didn’t know, Nokia and Intel launched Sailfish few years earlier in an attempt to provide users with an alternative platform to Android. As the OS supports all of the existing Android apps, it might be a viable option rather than expecting developers to join a newly established app store.

However, at the moment it’s unclear how big of a role Intel played to create the platform as the recent ban might hold off Huawei from using the operating system. As we move forward, we should learn more about Huawei’s plans regarding operating system.

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