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Huawei Delays Foldable Smartphone Release

Huawei Delays Foldable Smartphone Release

Huawei has been in news on a regular basis over last couple of weeks since its ban from doing business with US companies. Shortly after the ban, several reports claimed that Huawei has reduced the number of orders of its new smartphone form manufactures. While the company denied the claims, it seems that things aren’t going to get better in next few weeks as a new report from the Wall Street Journal has revealed that Huawei has delayed the release of its foldable smartphone until September.

In case you aren’t aware, the Huawei Mate X, the company’ foldable smartphone was set to debut later this month. However, the company found itself in the United States Entity list which means it can’t use any of the product or services of US companies to bring the smartphone. While the ban is more than likely the primary reason behind the delay, Huawei has claimed that the latest delay has nothing to do with the company’s inclusion in the Entity list.

In a recent statement, Huawei’s head of corporate communications, Vincent Pang said that the company is taking extra cautions due to Samsung’s failure with foldable smartphone earlier this year.

According to the company, Huawei’s foldable smartphone is currently going through several tests and these processes should be completed in August. If successful, the company will release the smartphone later in September.

At the moment however, we will have to wait to find out how Samsung moves forward with upcoming smartphone. Latest report has claimed that Samsung is planning on releasing its foldable smartphone in the coming weeks. However, AT&T recently cancelled pre-orders which has raised questions if the reports are in fact accurate. As for Huawei, the latest news comes after the smartphone manufacturer recently registered for trademark for its upcoming operating system. Moreover, the company has invited developers to release their apps in its AppGallery platform as it tries to find alternatives to Android.

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