Hellboy Remake Isn’t Getting a Sequel According to David Harbour

Hellboy Remake Isn’t Getting a Sequel According to David Harbour

Following Hellboy’s dismal box office performance, David Harbour has admitted that there are no plans for any sequel in the future.

The latest news comes via Comicbook.com as Harbour recently talked about the movie. He said, “I don’t think there’ll be much of a light. There’s a lot of people who reach out to me who really loved it and really enjoyed the new take, and were just happy to see him back on the screen, but I know in the culture at large, I don’t think it was very well received.”

Although the studio and everyone surrounding the movie had high expectations, the movie never really caught up with the fans. Majority of the fans claimed before the movie came out that it won’t live up to the standards pervious Hellboy movies and unfortunately, they were right. The movie earned just $46 million worldwide against a $50 million production budget. Just recently, Amazon revealed that the movie will come to Prime Members later next month as the studio just wants to cut the losses and move on to next projects.

Harbour also agreed that the movie didn’t perform well at the box-office to deserve another sequel. But he said that producers were pretty happy with the production. He continued, “I don’t think it made a lot of money. I don’t really keep up with those things too much to be honest, but I don’t think the perception was that it was a hit; and so, in that way, I don’t know that the risk is worth it. I think the idea is to move on. The producers spoke to me just saying ‘Great job;’ they really liked what I did, but I haven’t heard anything about a sequel, and I’m not hanging my hat on anything like that.”

At time moment, it seems that everyone involving Hellboy is trying to get away from the movie as soon as possible. Recently, Mike Mignola dismissed rumors that Netflix is working on a reboot. Although we have seen Netflix reviving different series successfully, it’s unlikely that the streaming giant would take a massive risk following the movie’s failure both critically and commercially.

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