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Google Makes It Easier to Share Search Results

Google Makes It Easier to Share Search Results

Although using Google is pretty simple, sometimes you need help to find search results that meet your needs. In an attempt to bring more straightforward ways to share search results with others, Google might be introducing a share button directly inside its app.

First reported by 9to5Google, the search engine giant has included a dedicated share button right next to the search icon. If you tap on it, you will copy a link to the search results which then you can share with anyone you want through text messages.

Although you could share search results using the link from address bar, you the link might be pretty long which can be pretty difficult to share with character constraints of text messages. However, the latest feature creates a shorter “search.app.goo.gl” link which is pretty simple to share and is a URL to actual results.

Interestingly, as the outlet pointed out, if you click on the link, it can open the link in different apps depending on your device’s settings. As a result, you will be taken to the web results of the terms in your default browser or the Google app. Moreover, the links share personalized results to the recipient which might not be most useful in case the recipient needs help to find results of certain search terms.

The feature is in available in beta version of the Google app right now and it’s unclear when it will be available to users. While the feature will surely be coming to smartphones, it’ll will be interesting to see if Google decides to bring the feature in its web version to make it easier to share links through web.

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