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Google Is Developing Palm Rejection for Pixel Displays

Google Is Developing Palm Rejection for Pixel Displays

Always-on displays have become extremely popular in last couple of years as most of the manufacturers are releasing their mid to high-end smartphones with OLED displays. In addition to providing higher battery life, always-on displays can be great to check notifications and time without lighting up entire display. Google’s Pixel smartphones have also come with OLED displays that are known as ‘Ambient Display’. While the feature has been absent in Pixel devices, Google has confirmed that it will be improving the palm rejection of Pixel’s display in a future update.

Although Pixel devices’ displays have a number of options, some users faced problem with the always-on display of their smartphone. For instance, as the display doesn’t support palm rejection, taking out your smartphone would cause the entire display to light up. As a result, a user initiated a request on the Google Issue Tracker last month to ask Google to introduce the feature in Android Q. He wrote, “Most people don’t intend for the screen to turn on unless they deliberately tap the screen twice, usually somewhere in the middle clock area. Not sure how many people think this is a problem worth addressing, or how much effort would be needed to implement it, but it may be worth considering for the beta.”

As the issue tracker is a great place to give feedback and suggestion for Google’s upcoming products, Google in fact took the opinion and revealed that the feature will be available in the future releases of Android Q. However, it’s unclear if Google is working on implementing palm rejection in the first public release of the Android Q. But if the feature does come to the operating system, it’ll be a welcome addition.

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