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Google Explains Changes for Adblockers

Google Explains Changes for Adblockers

As intrusive website advertisements can hurt user experience, ad blocking plugins are extremely popular among internet users. However, recently Google came under heavy criticisms after the search engine giant revealed that it will introduce changes to the Web Request API in the coming months. The future changes mean adblockers might not be work properly going forward. Despite the criticisms, the company stated that it won’t revert its decision about the changes and recently revealed explanations behind the upcoming changes

In an official blog post, Google revealed the reason behind the upcoming changes. According to the company, it will implement the new Web Request API in an attempt to improve security of its customers due to potential security concerns of the popular adblocking extensions.

According to the company, ad blocker extensions would require all information about a network request which might contain sensitive information. However, the upcoming API will ensure that the browser extensions get relevant information only.

Despite the claims, the company noted that the upcoming changes won’t eliminate ad blockers completely as developers will need to change how the extensions work.

Shortly after the announcement, other Chromium based browsers such as Vivaldi and Opera revealed that they will continue to support for old API for extensions.

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