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Google Discontinues Production of Tablets

Google Discontinues Production of Tablets

Although Google has traditionally released several tablets every year, this year the company hasn’t released any new product to join its existing lineups. According to a new report, the company is set to retire its tablet lineup entirely after nearly perfecting the concept.

If you have kept up with Google’s tablet releases, the latest news shouldn’t come off as a huge surprise. Despite Google’s efforts, the tablet market has been experiencing downward sales for a while now and Google hasn’t really been successful in attracting a lot of customers with its offerings. Earlier last year, Google launched Pixel Slate which didn’t meet Google’s sales expectations. Shortly afterwards, the company confirmed that it will be downsizing the division in the coming months to focus on other developments.

As a result, Computerworld has claimed although Google had two different tablets in the works, it will be ditching the platform entirely to focus on development in laptops and Pixel smartphones. A Google spokesperson confirmed the claim since then. According to the statement, Google has announced its plans to move away from the platform in a meeting earlier yesterday. Since then, majority of the employees have already been shifted over to focus the other platforms. While Google will be discontinuing its tablets, you should note that it won’t affect company’s 2-in-1 line ups.

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