Google Confirms that Used Nest Cams Had Security Vulnerability

Google Confirms that Used Nest Cams Had Security Vulnerability

Online security and privacy have been major points of discussions over last couple of years. While companies often try to protect their users, sometimes security vulnerabilities can go without notice. Recently, Google confirmed that the company’s used Nest Cam had security issues that allowed previous owners to still receive images from the cameras.

However, you should note that the latest problem doesn’t arrive from hacking. Recently, a member of a Facebook group discovered that he was still able to access images from Nest Cam he previously sold even after the new owner performed a factory reset of the camera by following Google’s instructions.

Afterwards, Wirecutter tested the claims and found that although previous owners didn’t actually get entire feed, they could still get a series of images which can be pretty concerning for users. The outlet reached out to Google who then confirmed that it has solved the issue which was causing the problem.

If you are using a second-hand Nest Cam, note that you don’t need to do anything as Google confirmed to Wirecutter that the company has rolled out an automatic update. At the moment, it’s unclear if anyone was affected by the security problem.

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