Home Business & Finance Google App Might Get a Dark Mode in Coming Days

Google App Might Get a Dark Mode in Coming Days

Google App Might Get a Dark Mode in Coming Days

According to a report from 9to5Google, the Google might be working on a new dark mode for Search and Discover features on Android.

The report claims that the mode is being rolled out to selected devices as part of the latest beta version of Google app. As expected, the feature will allow users to set Google’s app to contain a dark theme. In addition to providing aesthetics, the mode will also save devices’ charge if they contain AMOLED screen.

At the moment, only a selected number of users have access to the feature as the company plans on bringing a complete dark theme for Android in future. Given that we are just few months away from getting the final version of Android Q, it’ll be interesting to see if the company releases the feature with the operating system.

Google is expected to release the developer test release of Android Q later in October along with Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL smartphones. As any applications including Google Photos, Google Maps, Google Chrome Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Slack on Android already has dark mode available, it won’t be surprising to say the least if final version indeed contains a dark theme.

However, at the moment, we will have to wait to find out more as we move towards the release date of next version of Android.

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