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Ghostbusters 3 to Start Shooting in July

Ghostbusters 3 to Start Shooting in July

Although we learned that Sony had hired Jason Reitman to direct Ghostbusters 3 back in January, at the time there was no confirmation regarding the shooting date of the upcoming movie. Thanks to a new report, we finally know that filming for the sequel will start later next month.

According to the report, shooting for the upcoming movie will begin on July 14th and is expected to complete later on October 7th. Given that the studio is planning on spending such amount of time in outdoor shooting, it’s safe to assume that the movie is heavily invested by producers.

This can be surprising given Paul Feig’s latest reboot became one of the biggest box office failures at the time. However, the movie wasn’t a direct sequel of the original Ghostbusters which should give Ghostbusters 3 a leg up when it comes to audience interests.

Moreover, the movie is set to bring a group of talented casts together such as Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things, McKenna Grace who was recently seen in Captain Marvel. At the moment, other major cast members haven’t been announced by recent reports suggested Ernie Hudson, Dan Aykroyd and even Bill Murray might be joining the cast of the movie.

This latest news comes after Sony has quietly gone about developing this movie. The studio released a teaser to announce the movie back in January. Since then several high-profile individuals have been hired to make the movie. Although details of the movie are rare at this point, we should learn more about Ghostbusters 3 over next couple of weeks as we approach the start of shooting.

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