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Future Chromium Edge Browser Will Block Media Autoplay

Future Chromium Edge Browser Will Block Media Autoplay

In an attempt to block autoplay of media files in different sites, Microsoft included a feature in its Edge browser which allowed users to control media autoplay permissions on a per-site basis. As we eagerly wait for the new version of Chromium-based Edge browser, the company has confirmed that the feature will in fact added in the future version when it comes out.

The latest confirmation came via a member of Microsoft’s Edge team who responded to a user’s comment of the absence of the feature in the latest build of Edge. He said, “We’re working on adding a global and per-site setting similar to what we have in the current version of Edge.”

In case you aren’t aware, you can access this option in the regular version of Edge if you go to the Advanced Settings section turn in on to stop websites automatically playing media files.

Given the annoyance the media-autoplay causes to user, this is a highly sought-after feature and will be a welcome addition. Despite that, we will have to wait to find out if Microsoft can increase the number of users on its Edge browser going forward as Google recently found itself in the middle of user dissatisfaction after the company announced that current adblocker plugins will no longer work going forward due to security concerns. Other companies were quick to respond to the changes as both Opera and Vivaldi announced that the will continue to support older APIs to block ads in an attempt to attract users when the Chrome changes go live. As for the confirmation from the member of Edge team, you can check out the latest tweet below.


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