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Fiat Chrysler Announces Partnership with Enel X, Engie

Fiat Chrysler Announces Partnership with Enel X, Engie

Few days after the merging of Fiat Chrysler and Renault fell apart, Fiat has announced that it is partnering with Engie SA and Enel SpA’s Enel X to provide e-mobility services in several European countries.

In an official announcement, the company revealed that the partnering groups will provide charging solutions along with research and testing of new technologies of Fiat in the coming years. The company said, “The primary objective of the two partnerships is to offer private and public charging solutions to support sales of FCA’s forthcoming electric vehicle line-up.”

According to Fiat, the auto manufacturer wants to install over 700 charging points across Italy within next two years as the automobile manufacturer focuses on speeding up the production of electric vehicles in near future. The company noted that the first charging stations will be implemented in the company’s plants and offices to make it easier for its employees to charge their vehicles.

According to the company, Enel X will provide different services in Italy, Spain and Portugal. On the other hand, Engie will cover 13 other European countries going forward.

This latest partnership isn’t surprising considering major automobile manufacturers are moving at a faster rate to bring more accessibility to electric vehicle owners. Recently Volkswagen announced its plans to implement electric charging stations across Europe. As for Fiat Chrysler, according to Chief Executive Mike Manley, the latest partnerships are part of the company’s five-year business plan to produce more electric vehicles.

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