Falcon 9 Heavy Launch Is Successfully Completed

Falcon 9 Heavy Launch Is Successfully Completed

For last couple of weeks SpaceX has been in news for its latest Falcon Heavy launch which according to SpaceX, is the company’s hardest rocket launch till date. Thankfully, SpaceX has confirmed that the launch went smooth earlier today at 2:30 am ET from a launch pad at Cape Canaveral in Florida.

If you have followed the news related to the launch, then you might know that the Falcon Heavy 9 was carrying 24 satellites which will be put into different orbits with the U.S. DOD as the main contractor for the launch. As a result, SpaceX had to make multiple burns to complete the mission. Shortly after the launch, the mission officials confirmed that some of the satellites were deployed successfully in the low-Earth orbit.

In addition to the satellites, the rocket is also carrying an atomic clock which will help autonomous spacecrafts in future space missions to navigate through space. As there are time delays to receive and response to signals from space, the traditional navigation methods aren’t really practical for future Mars missions. With the atomic space clock, the process of navigating will take much shorter. Apart from that, the SpaceX rocket also used a new type of fuel which will improve the fuel efficiency by 50 percent. As the launch was successful, the fuel will now be used in future space missions including the upcoming Moon and Mars missions.

However, not everything related to the launch went according to plan. SpaceX revealed that the center booster fell into the ocean but thankfully, the company was able to catch the rocket’s nose cone before it splashed into the ocean. Apart from that, everything regarding the Falcon Heavy launch went perfectly.

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