Home Business & Finance Facebook to Reconsider Its Policy on Nudity on the Platform

Facebook to Reconsider Its Policy on Nudity on the Platform

Facebook to Reconsider Its Policy on Nudity on the Platform

Over the years, Facebook gained a lot of attention over the social network’s policy on nudity. Recently, a number of artists called out Facebook regarding its policy on banning images containing nudity for artistic purposes. As a result, the social networking giant has agreed to reconsider its policies regarding nudity in the coming days.

This comes after National Coalition Against Censorship and Spencer Tunick joined during weekend to protest against Facebook’s policy. During an event earlier this weekend, 125 male and female models stripped down and held images of male nipples in front Facebook office to point out Facebook’s policy on nudity.

In its community standard guidelines, the company states, “We restrict the display of nudity or sexual activity because some people in our community may be sensitive to this type of content. Our nudity policies have become more nuanced over time. […] While we restrict some images of female breasts that include the nipple, we allow other images, including those depicting acts of protest, women actively engaged in breast-feeding, and photos of post-mastectomy scarring. We also allow photographs of paintings, sculptures, and other art that depicts nude figures.”

Earlier today, NCAC announced that the social networking giant in fact has agreed to hold a meeting to discuss its policies on nudity. It says, “Images of the human body have been a central subject of art for centuries. Nevertheless, Instagram, the most popular platform for artists who share their work online, and Facebook both ban photographic representations of the body.”

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