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Facebook Revises the Ban on House of the Holy Album

Facebook Revises the Ban on House of the Holy Album

Recently Facebook found itself in the center of attention among users on the social network’s policy on nudity after the company banned the album art of Houses of the Holy. At the time, the company proceeded to ban posts mentioning the album art and shortly afterwards, users urged the social network to revert its decision regarding the artwork.

And now, the company has changed its decision to ban the image from the network and has revealed that it will be reverting its decision to remove the image and reinstate the posts which were removed over last couple of days. A spokesperson from the company said, “As our community standards explain, we don’t allow nude images of children on Facebook. But we know this a culturally significant image. Therefore, we’re restoring the posts we removed.”

Following the criticisms of its policies regarding fake news and information on the platform, Facebook hired 4,500 employees to deal with offensive contents. If someone from the moderator team marks something offensive, the automated AI proceeds to aggressively remove other contents mentioning the item. However, Facebook said that it will update its review algorithm to permit its users to use the image in question. Moreover, the company said that it will allow similar contents with significant cultural importance on a case-by-case basis going forward.

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