Facebook Is Facing €1m Fine in Italy

Facebook Is Facing €1m Fine in Italy

Facebook gained significant amount of public attention in recent times after Cambridge Analytica scandal as people became aware of the social network’s role in spreading false information. Since then, authorities around the world have fined Facebook over its data abuse. And now, Garante Privacy, the Italian data protection authority has found Facebook to be guilty of data violation that had put citizens at risk. As a result, the organization has imposed €1m fine on the social network.

Earlier last year, data revealed that Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica scandal had affected over 87 million people around the world. And according to the Italian DPA, the scandal had put about 214,077 of the country’s citizens at risk. Moreover, the organization accused Facebook of deliberately trying to affect the outcome of last U.S. presidential election. Therefore, the authority has decided to fine the social network.

Back in March, the social networking giant was fined by the Italian watchdog for €52,000 after Facebook managed to reduce the fine. However, the Italian DPA has now decided to overturn the reduction by taking the total number of Italian users into account. Moreover, the fine has been charged based on the previous legislation introduced earlier this year.

This latest fine marks just another lengthy legal battle of Facebook for its role in spreading false information. Back in 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was forced to testify in front of the U.S. congress over the social network’s data usage. As Facebook just announced that it will be bringing its own cryptocurrency later next year, it’s more than likely that the social network will face even more scrutiny over next couple of months as governments around the world examine the possible effects of Facebook’s Libra cryptocurrency.

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