Home Business & Finance Facebook Bans Led Zeppelin’s Iconic Cover Artwork

Facebook Bans Led Zeppelin’s Iconic Cover Artwork

Facebook Bans Led Zeppelin’s Iconic Cover Artwork

Facebook faced harsh criticisms over last couple of years due to the social network’s role in spreading false information along with its implementations of terms of service on the platform. Since then, the company hired over 4,000 employees to tackle the problem. However, the social network has appeared to have changed its policy on nudity following the criticisms and now, the company has banned Led Zeppelin’s Houses of the Holy’s cover art because the cover features nudity.

Reports started surfacing after several users of Facebook revealed that they were locked out of the platform after they used the cover art on the platform. Shortly afterwards, users launched a petition asking Facebook to reconsider its policies. However, posts that mentioned the petition were also automatically removed from the social network.

At the moment, Facebook’s guidance on nudity notes that the nudity is permitted in “photographs of paintings, sculptures, or other art depicting nude figures.” However, Facebook faces challenges when determining artworks. For instance, if an image is flagged and marked by a human moderator who may not be familiar with the work, Facebook’s algorithm will automatically block contents which reference the flagged content.

This latest incident proves Facebook’s difficulties in controlling contents in the platform. Recently, the company said that it will be working with artists to understand how to change its policy regarding nudity to serve artistic contents better. At the moment, we will have to wait to find out if Facebook reverts its decision to remove the album picture from the network.

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