EA’s Subscription Service for PS4 Is Coming in July 24

EA’s Subscription Service for PS4 Is Coming in July 24

EA has confirmed that its subscription service for PS4 will arrive on July 24 as the company recently introduced a counter in the dedicated page of EA Access. At the moment, the company is allowing players to sign up for the beta which also includes a 10 percent discounts on all of the EA titles.

This latest confirmation comes as earlier last month, EA and Sony reached an agreement to bring the latter’s subscription service to PS4. Sony for a long time opposed the idea of allowing EA to bring its subscription service as EA Access would compete directly with PlayStation Plus. However, given Sony will face tough competition in the coming months as other companies such as Microsoft and Google are set to launch their own subscription/streaming services, it’s likely that Sony is looking for ways to improve offerings in the platform.

EA’s subscription service has been a popular choice among gamers since the launch back in 2014 for PC and Xbox One customers. The recent agreement means the service will debut in PS4 for the first time. As for benefits, the subscription service will give players access to EA titles before they are released for a 10-hour period.

In case you are interested, you can sign-up for EA Access for $4.99 per month or $29.99 per Year. After you complete the sign up, you will get immediate access to over 50 EA games along with some of the most beloved franchises including Mass Effect and Dragon Age.

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