EA Reveals Its Plans for Anthem

EA Reveals Its Plans for Anthem

Although EA released Anthem earlier this year with pretty high expectations, the title didn’t really attract a lot of players since its launch. Despite that, Bioware recently claimed that they believe Anthem has potentials to become a great title. Interestingly, in a recent interview Andrew Wilson revealed that EA believes in Bioware as he talked about the future of the Anthem and how the company will move forward with the game.

During the interview, Electronics Arts CEO revealed what kind of problems the title was facing. Interestingly, he said that Anthem was struggling with identity since the game tried to provide a classic Bioware game with modern action-driven experience. He said, “We brought together these two groups of players who were making this emotional value calculation on two different vectors. One was traditional BioWare story driven content, and the other was this action-adventure type content. About the 30 or 40 hour mark they really had to come together and start working in on the elder game. At that point everyone kind of went, ‘Oh, hang a minute.’ Now the calculation is off.”

“It’s off because I’ve got a friend who sits in this other category of player. They want to play the game a certain way. I want to play the game a certain way. The promise was we can play together, and that’s not working very well. ‘Oh, by the way I’m used to 100 hours of BioWare story, and that’s not what I got.’ Or, ‘I expected that this game would have meaningfully advanced the action component that we’d seen in games like Destiny before, and I don’t feel like it has,’” Wilson adds.

Despite the challenges, Wilson reiterated that EA still believes in Bioware due to its massive fan base and successful past. However, he said that Bioware will need to adapt going forward to cater to players who might not be around from Bioware’s early days. When asked how long EA is planning on sticking with Anthem, Wilson revealed that the company has plans for the title for another generation despite the poor sales performance.

Given the game’s poor reception among players, it’ll be interesting to see if Bioware can turn things around in the coming months. Especially with series like Mass Effects under its portfolio, it won’t be highly surprising if the company manages to surprise everyone with contents in near future.

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