Home Technology EA Denies Claims that FIFA 19 Uses Dynamic Difficulty

EA Denies Claims that FIFA 19 Uses Dynamic Difficulty

EA Denies Claims that FIFA 19 Uses Dynamic Difficulty

If you ever played FIFA games, you might have heard about with the game’s dynamic difficulty. Gamers for a long time have claimed that the game uses dynamic difficulty to challenge you in the game thus making you play longer. While EA has been quite for a long time, the company has finally denied the speculation in the official EA forums.

In case you didn’t know, few years earlier, a Redditor discovered a paper   written by EA for its games. The paper discussed multiple options to increase engagement in a video game and unsurprisingly, the paper has been analyzed by fans who were frustrated with the game. Given the wordings of the paper, it’s not too difficult to see gamers blaming EA for artificially increasing or decreasing a player’s attributes inside the game.

However, in the forum post, the company denied the claims. Andrew Mears, community manager for EA, wrote, “We’ve heard your concerns around the Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment patent family, and wanted to confirm it’s not used in FIFA. We would never use it to advantage or disadvantage any group of players against another in any of our games. The technology was designed to explore how we might help players that are having difficulty in a certain area of a game have an opportunity to advance.”

Shortly after the post, Corey Andress turned to Twitter to address the issue. He wrote, “For those that will ask why it took us a while to respond: We wanted to be 100% sure that this patent didn’t exist in the game. This includes all aspects – every mode and gameplay. Hopefully this ends speculation, and [we] appreciate the patience while we got the answer.”

However, responses to the tweet have been pretty skeptical as several gamers were quick to point out that different players inside the games had suddenly started performing poorly without any reason. In a follow up tweet, Andress revealed that the dynamic difficulty adjustment isn’t present in FIFA at the moment (which can be interpreted it did in games in past). However, the company designed the technology in an attempt to understand how they can help players who are struggling.

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