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Dropbox Releases Revamped Desktop App

Dropbox Releases Revamped Desktop App


In an attempt to improve productivity of its services, Dropbox has released a new desktop app which will help users to organize their workflow. With the changes, the company expects to eliminate the need to use multiple apps at the same time to complete different tasks.

With the latest update, the company is moving away from just being a file storage and transfer service. While that part remains relevant, the company has been working on a new design for the desktop app for a long time. In order to make it easier for multiple people to work on same project, the company has introduced the shared folders into “rich workspaces”. This feature allows users to pin key elements on top of a workspace. Moreover, you can add note and mention others to assign tasks.

Moreover, the new app integrates popular services like Slack and Zoom directly into the app. Thanks to the integration, users can start Slack chats and share contents within Dropbox. Additionally, Zoom also works seamlessly within the app. Apart from this, the app will continue to give access to popular software and services such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office among many others.

In the company’s latest blog post, blog.dropbox.com/topics/product-tips/new-dropbox the company noted all of the upcoming changes to the desktop app in near future. However, you can join the early access program by going here.

You can also check you the video down below to see the new features in action.

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