Dota Underlords Open Beta Is Now Live

Dota Underlords Open Beta Is Now Live

Auto Chess mods have become surprisingly popular over last couple of years. While Valve tried the water out with Artifact, the game became a spectacular failure. Despite that, the company recently unveiled Dota Underlods now, the public beta for the company is now officially available to play in case you are interest.

Dota Underlods is an Auto Chess clone which was originally made for Dota 2. In the mod, players can mix and match a team of heroes to compete in an area. While fights happen automatically, you can choose the heroes to create your team. While the game features a lot of characters form Dota, they are pretty different in the latest game.

With the latest release, Valve is planning on improving the game using feedbacks from the beta. If you are interested, you can head to Play Store or App Store to download the game. Most importantly, the game features cross play functionality which means you don’t need to worry about sticking to one device at all times to achieve the character progressions.

Apart from the announcement, Valve revealed that it will soon introduce Battle Pass to add progressions, cosmetics along with several other features. In addition to Play and App Store, you can download the game from Steam Early access in case you have been selected for the public beta.

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