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Destiny 2 Gets Cross-Save Feature

Destiny 2 Gets Cross-Save Feature

Few days earlier, Bungie revealed that the game is going free-to-play starting from September and will be part of the offerings when Google launches Stadia later this November. During the announcement, the company also announced cross-progression to Destiny 2 along with its next DLC.

With the upcoming feature, players will be able to benefit from cross-save support for the title on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google’s Stadia. If you are wondering what it means, the cross feature will allow players to save all of their progressions into one profile rather than keeping progressions tied to one specific platform. However, PlayStation 4 won’t be supported at the launch which is a bummer for many PS4 players. Despite that, the company is working on getting approval from Sony regarding PS4 to Stadia transfers as confirmed by Andrey Doronichev to The Verge.

However, its more than likely that the cross-platform saving feature will make its way to PlayStation 4 users when the Shadowkeep, the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion becomes available later.

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