Dell Issues Security Warnings for Its Computers

Dell Issues Security Warnings for Its Computers

Dell has issued an urgent announcement that Home and Business versions of the company’s SupportAssist tool have security vulnerability and require immediate patch.

The company noted that SafeBreach discovered the latest security vulnerability and more than 100 million Dell computers might have been affected by it. In case you are wondering, PC Doctor is responsible for Dell’s SupportAssist tool which has been installed in over 100 million systems. As for the security, Safebreach has warned that attackers can exploit the vulnerability to “load an arbitrary unsigned DLL into a service that runs as SYSTEM, achieving privilege escalation and persistence”.

According to Dell, if you are using Business PC version 2.0 or Home PC 3.2.1 or earlier version of SupportAssist tool, you should immediately update your computer. Shortly after the announcement, Tom’s Guide reached out to the company and received the following response from Dell:

Dell SupportAssist is not made by PC-Doctor. The vulnerability discovered by SafeBreach is a PC-Doctor vulnerability, which is a third-party component that ships with Dell SupportAssist for PCs. More than 90 percent of customers to date have received the update, released on May 28, 2019, and are no longer at risk. Dell SupportAssist updates automatically if automatic updates are enabled, and most customers have automatic updates turned on.

In case you haven’t downloaded the latest versions, you can do so from Dell’s official website by going here.

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