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Dead to Me Creator Talks about the Season 1 Ending

Dead to Me Creator Talks about the Season 1 Ending

As the current seasons of different television series are coming to end around this time of the year, most of them are finishing with cliffhangers and Dead to Me is no different. In the series finale of season 1 of Netflix series Dead to me, Judy’s ex, Steve, telling him to leave her house. He chose to ignore it and comes forward. Shortly afterwards, viewers saw the shot of Jen’s pool where Steve’s dead body was floating around.

Recently, the Liz Feldman told what happens next in the show. He said, “I originally had pitched an entire season to Netflix, which is the pitch that I sold them. And my ending was… I did not go as far as to kill Steve. Sometimes, when things are pitched in the writer’s room, there is an electricity that takes over the room, you can feel this sort of palpable buzz because it’s a good idea and everybody knows it. That’s what happened when they brought up the possibility of killing Steve. I thought it was kind of a big swing. . . . I’m not going to say [what the ending was] because that’s something that we still may use.”

Given Netflix’s history with show’s renewal, it’s unlikely that the streaming networking won’t renew the show for another season. Despite that, it’s highly interesting to see that Dead to Me season 1 had a different ending.

However, as of now, there’s no confirmation from Netflix regarding season 2 which isn’t surprising given the show premiered just recently. As we move forward towards the end of summer, we’re more than likely to get a confirmation from Netflix regarding season 2 of the show in the coming weeks.

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