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Dan Stevens Wants MCU to Feature Legion

Dan Stevens Wants MCU to Feature Legion

When Iron Man came out back in 2008, few would have thought the movie would play such an important role in shaping current movie industry. While Marvel experienced majority of its success over big screen, television networks had some of the great series featuring characters from the comics such as Daredevil. While these shows’ storylines reference to movies on a regular basis, Legion didn’t really have that much connection throughout its run. Interestingly, Dan Stevens recently revealed that he wishes to see his character in Marvel Cinematic Universe someday as he gave his idea of how he thinks the character would fit in the movies.

During his recent interview with Variety, Stevens said that he thinks the character would fit into the MCU pretty well. However, there’s a problem as he is probably one of the few people who haven’t seen the latest Avengers movie. He said, “Legion would wreak havoc. He’d probably take on Thanos, let’s see that. […] Legion occupies a very odd little corner of the Marvel universe. I would never presume to stampede into that arena, but a weird little cameo might not do any harm.”

While Thanos is long gone, it’s possible that his character can in fact join MCU in the future. If the trailers of Spider-Man: Far From Home anything to go by, the upcoming movie will introduce the concept of multiverse in the MCU as we head into phase 4. Moreover, we already know that the movie will be the end of phase 3 of Marvel Cinematic Universe and likely to hint towards the storylines of future movies. If that’s the case, we can assume several new characters will make their appearances in the upcoming movies.

However, at the moment it’s unclear how the season 3 of Legion will end as we already know it will be the last season of the show. Despite that, Disney is likely to reboot a number of properties in the coming years after its recent acquisition with Fox. At the moment, it’s unclear if Legion falls under same category. Given that we have a long wait before seeing X-Men again after Dark Phoenix’s recent box office failure, it won’t be surprising if Legion makes an appearance in future movies when similar comic book materials get adopted. As we are set to learn Disney’s plans regarding phase 4 of MCU in August, it’ll be interesting to see how the studio moves forward after such a long dominating run in the box office.

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