Home Business & Finance Cloudflare Launches New Service League of Entropy

Cloudflare Launches New Service League of Entropy

Cloudflare Launches New Service League of Entropy

Earlier today, Cloudflare announced  a new public service called League of Entropy in an attempt to help developers to improve security of their apps. With the latest addition, the company wants to solve one of the biggest problems in cryptography by generating random numbers.

In case you are wondering, random numbers are crucial for security of different apps through cryptography as predictable source of random numbers can allow hackers to determine cryptographic keys and passwords which were generated using the source at a given time. While most of the apps at the moment use one device to generate such numbers, such method can be extremely dangerous as single source can be easily compromised thus giving attacker complete information regarding the encryption.

In order to solve this problem, Cloudflare along with its partners are introducing League of Entropy which is a five-server network responsible for generating random numbers. With the service, all of the servers will generate parts of a stream of random numbers and then put it on a public server. According to Cloudflare, this will result in improved security by reducing the risk.

The company wrote, “This global network of servers generating randomness ensures that even if a few servers are offline, the beacon continues to produce new numbers by using the remaining online servers.”

“Even if one or two of the servers or their entropy sources were to be compromised, the rest will still ensure that the jointly-produced entropy is fully unpredictable and unbiasable.”

In the post, the company also introduced the partnering organizations around the world which will host different servers for different purposes. They are: University of Chile, École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne  (EPFL) and Kudelski Security. Each of these organizations will be responsible for one server.

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