Chromium Edge Brings Tracking Protection in the Latest Beta

Chromium Edge Brings Tracking Protection in the Latest Beta

Few days earlier, engineers who are working on Microsoft’s Chromium Edge browser revealed that they are focusing on improving user privacy while bringing user-friendly features with Edge. In a follow up, Microsoft has announced that the browser is getting built-in tracking protection. However, you will need to turn on the feature manually as it is currently available in a hidden flag.

In the official blog post, Microsoft emphasized on its commitment to protect users’ online data by protecting users from websites. In case you want to enable the feature, you will need to go to edge://flags#edge-tracking-prevention and enable the flag. Afterwards, you will need to restart the browser to reflect the changes in the Privacy and Service section of the Edge settings page.

The company noted that the default tracking prevention setting will block third party trackers and known malicious trackers to improve privacy and web compatibility. The basic tracking on the other hand will block malicious trackers but will allow those which are responsible for showing relevant ads. And the last one, Strict blocks majority of third-party trackers but can break a website. As a result, Microsoft recommends the default option in case you want to enable tracking protection.

As for implementation, Microsoft revealed that Edge now has a ‘Trust Protection Lists’ which contain organizations that are known for tracking. Edge will check a website’s URL against the list to see if it should enforce tracking protection. In that case, trackers will be blocked from storing user data.

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