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Chrome Remote Desktop Gets a Web Replacement

Chrome Remote Desktop Gets a Web Replacement

While remote computer access has been an interesting concept over the years, it requires you to set up some third-party apps, create new accounts along with completing several complicated process before getting started. However, Google tried to simply the process by offering Chrome Remote Desktop. And now, the company has decided to go even further with its offerings. From now on, you will be able to access similar features via Chrome browser.

Although you might think the remote access service is available for desktops only, Chrome Remote Desktop is available for computers as well as Android and iOS devices. However, it seems that the company trying to simplify the name. Google launched Chrome Remote Desktop back in December 2017.  As Chrome is one of the most popular browsers, Google introduced the service to make sure a smooth process as users could go to the official page and follow the instructions to set up the service.

As the latest instructions involve installing a browser extension, you will no longer be required to use the desktop app. While there isn’t an official date, the extension will stop working from July. Which means we will learn about the upcoming changes pretty soon.

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