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CERN Is Moving Away from Microsoft’s Operating System

CERN Is Moving Away from Microsoft’s Operating System

Although Microsoft remains to be the most popular desktop operating system, the company has embraced open source platforms over last couple of years while increasing pricings for enterprise solutions. This move from the company isn’t really surprising considering majority of Microsoft’s profit comes from enterprise, government and education institutions. However, Microsoft has lost several customers in government and education institutions over last couple of years due to increased licensing costs. And now, CERN has revealed that it will be moving away from Microsoft’s offerings.

This latest news came via PCmag which revealed that CERN is ditching Microsoft in favor of open source projects. However, this news shouldn’t come off as a major shock. Recently, Microsoft revoked CERN’s status as an academic institution. CERN anticipated the change and started the Microsoft Alternative project or MAlt earlier last year to use open source software going forward. While we will have to wait to find out more, it’s likely that CERN is moving towards Linux.

If an organization as big as CERN cites increased costs to revoke a partnership, it signals why Microsoft’s business model might be flawed. Most importantly, CERN has been using Microsoft’s software for over two decades and only decided to make change after Microsoft’s recent change.

While CERN moving away from Microsoft’s software has attracted a lot of attention, a number of government organizations outside of the U.S. are considering moving towards open source projects as well. Recently government organizations in Korea started using Linux instead of Microsoft citing similar concerns. As CERN is one of the biggest research organization, it’ll be interesting to see if other educational institutions follow same route. As such occurrence would be disastrous for the company, we will have to wait to find out if Microsoft decides to change its policies regarding similar institutions going forward.

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