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BMW Teases New Performance Car Concept

BMW Teases New Performance Car Concept

Few days earlier, BMW released several images teasing its new concept car. The concept vehicle, Vision M NEXT will be next presentation from the company under its Vision iNEXT which focuses on autonomous driving and related technology.

Last year, BMW debuted iNEXT in an attempt to give everyone an idea of what the future of autonomous vehicles holds. With EV and autonomous driving set to become more popular in the coming years, BMW will try to present what the future of cars and driving might be with the upcoming presentation.

Unfortunately, the official press release hardly reveals anything about BMW’s latest concept car. The images of Vision M NEXT feature few obscure artworks of the form of the car. Interestingly, BMW claims the concept car will demonstrate how technology can enhance driving pleasures with “sporty” feel. In order to do so, the vehicle will include a BOOST mode to take driving experience to next level. If you remember, last year the BMW Vision iNEXT had similar concept called EASE.

At the moment, we will have to wait several more days as BMW will hold a presentation on the Vision M NEXT in Munich later this month. However, it’s worth to point out that the vehicle is unlikely to go intro production. Generally, automobile manufacturers use their concept cars to demonstrate their ongoing research on future technology. Despite that, concept cars are great ways to delve into future to ponder what it might hold.

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