Home Business & Finance AT&T Cancels All Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders

AT&T Cancels All Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders

AT&T Cancels All Galaxy Fold Pre-Orders

Although we got to see first glimpse into Samsung’s highly anticipated Galaxy fold few months earlier, a large number of reviewers complained about the smartphone’s build quality. Shortly afterwards, Samsung was forced to cancel all of the pre-orders for the smartphone indefinitely. At the time, several retailers including Best Buy also followed the suit to cancel orders. And earlier today, AT&T has started informing users that it has cancelled their pre-orders for Galaxy Fold.

The company sent an email earlier today to inform its customers about Samsung’s decision. Moreover, the company noted that any charge that may have occurred due to pre-order will be refunded in the coming days. Moreover, those who were affected by the delay, will either receive a $100 gift card or $100 credit to their AT&T account inside next 60 days.

This latest news comes after rumors have suggested that Samsung might launch Galaxy Fold as early as July. While Samsung has implied that we are weeks away from getting an official announcement from the company, we will have to wait to find out if the claim is accurate. Given that AT&T just cancelled the pre-orders, we might not get the smartphone as soon as we expected. As for AT&T customers, the company revealed that those who initially ordered the smartphone will be available to order again in case Samsung releases the smartphone in the coming weeks.

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