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ARM Reveals New CPU Architecture

While Intel and AMD have shown a number of new products in last several days during this year’s Computex, ARM has been relatively quite when it comes to new announcements. If you were wondering if the company has anything planned for the event, then you’ll be glad to know that ARM finally announced new designs for its processors including upcoming Cortex-A77 and Mali-G77.

First off, according to the company, the Cortex-A77 will deliver up to 20 percent performance increase when it becomes available. The CPU is developed as a part of the company’s Austin CPU line as it’ll follow the footsteps of Cortex-A76. Interestingly, the upcoming processor will introduce a number of improvements to the existing model. These improvements include increased bandwidth related features and an LO prediction bandwidth which is similar to the macro-op cache of AMD and Intel CPU.

The company revealed that these upcoming changes will reduce the latency of a branch prediction miss from 11 cycles down to 10, even though the CPU technically has a 13-stage pipeline. With these changes, the company expecting that new processor will be able to provide similar performance increase of mobile FPU performance with same power consumption.

These features continue to follow ARM’s goals to deliver significant performance gains on year-to-year basis. However, given power efficiency is difficult to improve on x86 architecture, it’ll be interesting to see how the company moves forward to keep up with its target. Over last couple of years for example, Intel and AMD have come up with processors which consume less power compared to generations earlier. Despite that, as smartphones’ development have slowed down in recent years, introduced changes with the latest ARM processors should contribute to a significant performance changes of smartphones.

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