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Apple to Shut Down iTunes

As we eagerly wait for Apple’s WWDC later next week, reports are coming out on a regular basis to predict the tech giant’s plans for the event. Interestingly according to a report from Bloomberg, Apple is set to retire iTunes as the company plans on replacing the popular media platform with three standalone apps named as Music, Podcasts and TV.

Back in 2001, Apple introduced iTunes which ultimately changed the digital music industry as it allowed people to store their purchases from the online Music Store. At the time, the app became synonymous with iPod as the company marketed the product as a playlist organizer for iPod. Few years later, the company introduced podcasts, TV shows and movies.

However, over last couple of years, the streaming industry as well as contents in the platform have gone up significantly. As a result, market analysts have been predicting the end of iTunes for quite some time now. While the platform is used by Macs, Apple has introduced other platforms to facilitate users’ needs and it seems that the company is moving forward with its plans to become an entertainment service provider by providing standalone platforms to cater different users.

As WWDC is just few days away, we’re likely to get more information on the report during the company’s keynote speech. The company is also expected to bring several other changes in this year’s conference.

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