Apple News+ Aren’t Yielding Great Results for Publishers

Apple News Aren’t Yielding Great Results for Publishers

Although Apple News has been in existence for a long time, publishers often complained about the platform’s potential to generate revenue. As a result, Apple introduced Apple News+ with lofty promises to attract more publishers. However, it seems that the company’s attempt didn’t yield much success either as a report by Business Insider revealed that the program isn’t generating lot of revenue for the publishers on the platform.

Shortly after the launch, Apple gave away Apple News+ for free for the first month and as a result, it managed to get 200,000 subscribers in the first two days. This figure was close to Texture’s which isn’t surprising considering the amount of people signed up shortly after the release due to free trial.

Despite the large number of subscribers of Apple News+, publishers soon found out that the revenue from the service was lackluster as publishers reported that their revenue was on par with Texture at best or significantly lower than the amount Texture was generating for their contents. One publisher told Business Insider, “Apple projected publishers would get 10 times the revenue they made from Texture at the end of Apple News Plus’ first year. It’s one twentieth of what they said.”

Moreover, publishers aren’t happy with the apps’ magazine style layout for news contents of the app as they want easier way to convert their contents. Furthermore, one publisher told Business Insider that Apple isn’t doing enough for Apple News+.

However, some of the publishers are still hopeful that Apple will work on the service as Apple News+ is still in its early days. Despite that, given publishers are disposable in such platforms, it won’t be surprising if Apple News+ doesn’t live up to promises in the future.

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