Apple Music Has Gone Past 60 Million Subscribers

Apple Music Has Gone Past 60 Million Subscribers

Although Spotify remains to be the leader in music streaming services, Apple launched its own streaming few years earlier. And now, the latest figures prove that the tech giant is slowly closing the gap with Spotify as Apple Music has now over 60 million subscribers on the platform.

In a recent interview with French publication Numerama, Apple senior vice president of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue revealed that the company has accumulated more than 10 million subscribers over last two months. Back in April, sources claimed that Apple Music was growing at 2.6 percent per month opposed to Spotify’s 1.5 to 2 percent monthly growth.

Although the figures also contain the subscribers who joined during free-trial, the numbers are impressive nevertheless. Most importantly, the service was a direct competitor for Spotify which always has experienced higher popularity among customers as Spotify currently said to have over 100 million paid subscribers. However, Apple music doesn’t have a free tier unlike Spotify which makes the latest figure even more impressive.

However, Apple has cut price of Apple music down over last couple of years in countries like India to attract more customers. Spotify on the other hand, has brought several more features such as Station in the U.S. and is currently focusing on bringing more podcast offerings to customers. As a result, it’ll be interesting to see if Apple Music continues to grow.  Apple replaced iTunes earlier this month with Apple Music as a standalone music app.

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