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Apple Increases Cellular Download Limit to 200MB

Back in 2017, Apple introduced a new cellular download limit of 150MB. While not a lot of apps in the App Store were more than that, it caused frustration among users when they were okay with downloading the app regardless of their sizes. After a long time, the company finally decided to increase this limit to 200MB.

While there aren’t a lot of apps of this size, two of the most popular apps, Twitter and Facebook, come with respective sizes of 202.5MB and 260MB. The new limit however, won’t affect downloads of these two popular apps. despite that, if you travel a lot or are on an unlimited data cap, you won’t be bothered by downloading a large app from the online platform.

This latest change was first spotted by 9to5Mac which reported that the unofficial download cap is much higher than 200MB due to the compression of App Store. As the new changes are effective immediately, you won’t need to worry about anything as you will be able to take full benefits of the changes without problem.

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