Apple Confirms Acquisition of Self-Driving Car Startup

Apple Confirms Acquisition of Self-Driving Car Startup

Although it’s been several years since we first learned about Apple’s self-driving car division, the company has been pretty silent on the development on its ambition. Interestingly, earlier this year, reports claimed that Apple might be downsizing its self-driving division with layoffs as it isn’t planning on bringing its self-driving cars anytime soon. But Apple surprised everyone as the company has recently acquired a self-driving car startup instead.

According to Axios the startup in discussion, told state officials that it will be shutting down the company as it looked for potential buyers at the time. Apple seemingly has won the bidding war and since then, Apple has hired most of the engineers and product designers of the startup.

In case you never heard of, the start-up was focusing on providing self-driving technology in an innovative way. Instead of designing self-driving technology, the startup was designing self-driving car kits which would turn existing cars into self-driving cars. However, it’s unclear how far the start-up came since its early days.

Although neither of the companies disclosed the purchase figure, Apple will most likely be required to pay less than the $77 million the startup raised initially. At the moment however, it’s unclear how Apple is planning on using the technology of the startup going forward. Given that we haven’t really heard anything from Apple regarding its self-driving ventures, don’t expect to hear anything regarding its self-driving ventures from the tech giant in the coming months.

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