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Apple Bans Ads in Apps Meant for Kids

Apple Bans Ads in Apps Meant for Kids

Earlier on Monday, Apple announced its “Sign in with Apple” feature in an attempt to improve privacy and security in the company’s devices. While the company didn’t mention the upcoming changes, a recent update to the kids category, developer guidelines have gone through a crucial change. According to the latest guideline, developers aren’t allowed to use analytics or advertising in contents aimed at children.

Apple’s latest move comes after children’s privacy has been part of major discussions over last couple of months. Recently, Google also updated its Google Play policy after a complaint from the Federal Trade Commission.

While it’s good to see that Apple is trying to improve the privacy features, we will have to wait to find out if the company becomes successful in doing so. Earlier last week, Washington Post reported that in a given week, 5,400 app trackers were tracking usage info. As a result, Apple is expected to take actions against such tracking otherwise it’ll hear back from FTC pretty soon as the government has started to tighten up its regulations on online privacy in the recent weeks.

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